What is starvation? Symptoms, effects, Causes and Treatment

What is starvation? symptoms, effects & treatment

Starvation is the result of an extreme or absolute absence of nutrients required for the support of life. And more than 300 individuals have passed on because of starvation since the start of the year. So it is the point at which an individual or animal has not eaten food for such a period. But that they can’t get things done in an ordinary manner. After the stomach has been left unfilled for such a long time the body begins to give up.


Symptoms of starvation

Symptoms of starvation
Symptoms of starvation

Food and water utilization is fundamental to human life. So your body needs energy from food sources and hydration from water to work appropriately. Because of the numerous frameworks in your body work ideally with a varied diet. And satisfactory water consumption every day. Symptoms of starvation include:

  • Immune deficiency
  • Because of Anemia
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Swelling from fluid under the skin
  • Irritability and difficulty with mental concentration
  • lowered body temperature combined with extreme sensitivity to cold
  • Decreased ability to digest food because of lack of digestive acid production
  • Shrinkage of such vital organs as the heart, lungs, ovaries, or testes, and gradual loss of their functions
  • And Reduction in muscle mass and consequent weakness

Effects of starvation

Effects of starvation
Effects of starvation

Living without access to food and water can affect your body. But your body’s numerous frameworks will start to weaken in spite of your body’s capacity to proceed for quite a long time. And weeks without food and water.

  • Heart attack
  • Faintness
  • Organ failure
  • Dizziness
  • Dehydration
  • Blood pressure drop
  • Low potassium
  • Slowing heart rate
  • Because of Weakness
  • Hypotension
  • Thyroid malfunction
  • Abdominal pain
  • Body temperature fluctuation
  • Ans post-traumatic stress or depression

Causes of starvation

Causes of starvation
Causes of starvation

Starvation may result from a number of factors. And they include:

  • Coma
  • Because of Stroke
  • Inability to obtain food
  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Intentional fasting
  • And severe gastrointestinal disease

And Starvation can caused by some factors, other than illness, given below:

Treatment for starvation

Treatment of starvation
Treatment of starvation

Starving patients can be deal with, however this must done carefully. So rest and warmth must given and kept up. And little tastes of water blended with glucose ought to given in ordinary intervals. But organic product juices can likewise given. Afterward, food can be given bit by bit in little amounts. The amount of food can expanded after some time. And proteins might controlled intravenously to raise the degree of serum proteins.

Because the individuals who experience it for a delayed time can’t start to consume typical measures of food immediately. So the body should be in all respects gradually eased into eating again to keep away from adverse responses, known as refeeding disorder, including: 

  1. Heart conditions
  2. Neurological conditions
  3. And Swelling of the body’s tissue

Continuing eating after starvation will require a doctor’s supervision. And may include eating boiled vegetables, lactose free foods, and a low protein, low sugar diet.

starved children
starved children


Human bodies are genuinely flexible and can work for a considerable length of time and weeks without proper food and water. But it is not necessarily the case that without food for a drawn out period is solid or ought to practiced. 

Your body can keep up itself for up to 14 days without access to food. And water and potentially even if that you consume water. The individuals who experience starvation should be observe by a specialist to return to health following the timespan without food to avoid referring disorder.

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