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What is pollution? History, causes, effects & solutions

What is pollution? History, Types, causes, effects and solutions

What is pollution? History, Types, causes, effects and solutions

The word pollution comes from the latin word “polluere” that means containment. Air pollution is one of the biggest threats of the environment. And affects everyone: humans, animals, crops, cities, forests, aquatic ecosystems.

History behind pollution

history for pollution

The word pollution for the most part infers that source made by human exercises. Because pollution turned into an issue with the foundation of lasting settlements by incredible quantities of individuals. So, water and air pollution  were largely problems of urban areas through the 19th century. But, pollution became a universal problem with the rapid spread of industrialization and the growth of the human population.

Types of pollution

Pollution of all kinds can have negative effects on the environment and wildlife and often impacts human health. The major kinds of pollution are air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, light pollution, plastic pollution and land pollution.

1- Air pollution

Air pollution implies the unwanted presence of polluting influences in the environment. A typical kind of air pollution happens when individuals discharge particles into the air from burning fuels. And air pollution warming the planet through the greenhouse effect. Because more heat trapped If too many gases are introduced into the atmosphere.

Air pollution causes

Air pollution effects

2- Water pollution

More than 1 billion individuals don’t approach a source of clean drinking water. Water is one of the most valuable assets on earth. But water pollution happens when synthetic compounds or hazardous foreign substances are acquainted with water. Which including synthetic compounds, sewage, pesticides. And manures from agriculture overflow, or metals like lead or mercury. 

Water pollution causes

Water pollution effects

3- Noise pollution

Noise pollution can’t smell or seen. It effect the environment. It is also known as environmental noise or sound pollution.

Noise pollution causes

Noise pollution effects

4- Light pollution

The lights have changed the way that days and nights work. Some effects and causes of light pollution are

Light pollution causes

Light pollution effects

5- Plastic pollution

And plastic pollution is brought about by the collection of plastic waste in the earth. Such as cigarette butts and bottle caps.

Plastic pollution causes

Plastic pollution effects

6- Land pollution

Land pollution is the destruction of the land through the actions of humans. It is a difficult issue which effects creatures, people and the earth. Because land can become polluted by household garbage  by modern waste.

Causes of land pollution

Effects of land pollution

Solutions for pollutions

solutions for pollution

There are several possible solutions for the pollution.

  1. Proper waste disposal
  2. Educate people in order to increase awareness
  3. The “3 R’s” Rule (reduce, reuse, recycle)
  4. Light pollution can be reduced by improving outdoor lighting
  5. Pollution control & better sewage treatment
  6. Select exterior light fixtures with cutoff angles
  7. Producing clean energy
  8. Water conservation
  9. Cloth bag for groceries can help
  10. Renewable fuel and clean energy production
  11. Non-gardeners can help by buying organic food.
  12. And cleanup the environment


Toxic pollution affects more than 200 million people worldwide. Because of pollution, babies are born with birth defects. But the negative outcomes of every type of pollution can be reduced with the participation of everybody. So, by Educate people in order to increase awareness  to a more secure condition, the wellbeing and prosperity of all can be ensured.

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