What is acrylic paint? How to use it on paper, canvas and wood

What is acrylic paint? How to use it on paper, canvas and wood

Acrylic paint is a well known medium for all types of painters. This paint is generally simple to work with and dries rapidly to a waterproof completion. These are highly flexible and can be utilized to make a wide range of visual surfaces and impacts. What makes it so easy to understand is that it is a water-dissolvable paint produced using a plastic polymer that can be painted on any surface that isn’t too oily or shiny and can be utilized in many ways. Thinly like watercolor, thickly like oil, or blended with other media. We can painting with acrylics on paper, canvas and wood. Acrylic painting on paper is a great blend of mediums, and has a stunning look.

How to paint with acrylic

How to paint with acrylic - work station

Before you start painting, set up your provisions and make a diagram before working on better work. When you’ve taken command the main things, you’ll be prepared to proceed onward to further developed methods.

  1. Gather Your Materials 

you would like to have everything helpful before you uncap those tubes of paint. 

  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • A Palette
  • A Palette Knife
  • A Work Surface
  • Water   
  • Scrap Paper

Acrylic paint

acrylic paints

You’ll discover two unique kinds of acrylic paint: liquid, which is thinner and heavy body, which has the thickness. if you need to make fantastic scenes, try out the liquid kind. It’s great to begin with red, blue, yellow, highly contrasting colors. You can blend some other colors you need with these, from skin tones to the shades in nature scenes .

Brushes for acrylic paint

color brushes for acrylic paints
color brushes for acrylic paints

Acrylic brushes are normally more and sturdier than watercolor brushes, as they are frequently squeezed harder into the work surface. To begin, you simply need one huge and one little round brush, and possibly one huge and one little level brush.

A Palette for acrylic paint

color palette for acrylic paints from https://whatmattered.com

You need a nonstick surface to blend various shades of paint. You can utilize palette paper, an expert palette or even a porcelain plate.

A Palette knife

palette knife for acrylic paints

A palette blade is a cheap and precious apparatus for working with acrylic. in fact you could blend paints with your brush. In any case, you may find that paint gets stuck in the brush and at last doesn’t blend appropriately. Furthermore, the fiery blending movement can harm bristles. It will enable you to blend paint colors in the most effective manner. You can likewise utilize the blade to apply acrylic to a surface, for an especially painterly impact.

A Work surface for acrylic paint

work surface for acrylic paints

if you want to paint on canvas, canvas paper is an incredible, economical spot to begin. Board, wood and bristol board are largely great decisions, as well. In case you’re working at board or canvas, you may think that is supportive to set your surface upon an easel, however that is not carefully important in case you’re simply beginning.


water for acrylic paints

Have some water for cleaning your brush and watering down the paint if necessary.

Scrap Paper

This is incredible to have Scrap Paper,  to wipe away extra paint from your brush or test out paint quality. It tends to be as basic as a sheet of clear printer paper.

Gather Your Work Station

work station for acrylic paints

When everything’s Assembled, set aside some effort to prepare your work area. At that point you’ll have the option to genuinely concentrate on the artwork, without any interruptions or interferences

Set Up Your Palette

Despite what you need to paint, it may be useful to have a spot of every essential shading in addition to high contrast. Position each paint with a lot of “white space” around it, so you have space to blend and the paint can spread without becoming crowded.

Treat Your Surface

In case you are painting on canvas, you’ll need to treat your surface before you begin. A layer of gesso will dry rapidly and keep your artwork recorded. Not all surfaces require treating, so check the producer’s recommendations.

Blend Colors

Set Up Palette for acrylic paints

Blend the colors you’d like to use with your palette blade.

Get Painting

Change the consistency of your paint utilizing a limited quantity of water on the brush. You can start to paint freestyle, try basic strategy like a monochromatic painting or attempt a self-picture as a warmup.


From here, you can bring your craft into your own hands. Attempt various styles, or various media, incorporating painting with your palette blade.

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Acrylic Paint Tips

acrylic paint tips

A couple of significant things to know. 

  1. Acrylic paint can’t be “revived” when it dries
  2. Keep Those Colors Covered 
  3. If you have to enjoy a break, seal your paint to keep it wet
  4. For a brief break, you could just cover the palette with cling wrap 
  5. For a long break, you could place the whole palette in an airtight storage container 
  6. Give Your Painting A chance to dry Completely 
  7. There’s no greater bummer than making a masterpiece and after that coincidentally crushing your thumb into wet paint and it’s simpler to commit this error than you’d might suspect


Remember that if you purchase the less expensive quality paints, you may get disheartened if the outcomes were not as good as you expected. some times that could be because of the paints, and not because of any absence of skill on your part. If you purchase the Artist Quality paints, you may have a superior painting knowledge. Purchasing acrylic paint when you’re a beginner can appear to be overwhelming in light of the fact that there are such a significant number of various brands, colors, and varieties to choose, but don’t hesitate, because “practice makes perfect”.

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