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Reasons for hair loss and how hair transplant helps?

What are the main reasons for hair loss and how hair transplant helps?

What are the main reasons for hair loss and how hair transplant helps?

This is the 21st century Where life is running at a fast pace and to maintain a balance a person has to work hard causing too much stress and lack of personal time especially for hair which is the most important part of the body when it comes to looks. This ignorance leads to untimely hair loss/hair fall and till the time a person came to realize it as a serious issue they almost have lost a lot of hairs causing hair thinning/bald patches or complete baldness. Generally, a person tends to lose 50 to 100 hair per day but when this number increases it is an alarming situation that requires immediate attention and treatment. Thinking of a hair transplant is not a bad idea.

Let us try to understand, ‘what are the other major reasons for hair loss and how hair transplant can help in overcoming this baldness issue?’


Main reasons for hair loss: 

Generally, people say that hair fall occurs due to stress but this is not true for everyone and is not the only reason. Instead, there are many other reasons as well. Below we have curated all the major reasons varying from person to person leading to hair fall.

  1. Hormonal changes: This reason is mostly observed among females because, after pregnancy, childbirth, thyroid problems, menopause or other hormonal changes can lead to hair fall/hair thinning.
  2. Heredity: Family history or heredity is the most common reason leading to the hair fall of a person. We have often heard people saying a person’s hairline is just like his father/grandfather hence he is losing hairs or will lose hairs in the future just like them. Well, there is a science behind these claims. Heredity hair fall is known as androgenic alopecia (male/female pattern baldness). This type of hair fall takes time and occurs in a gradual pattern.
  3. Medical conditions/therapy in the process: If a person is suffering from ‘Alopecia Areata’ which is known to be related to the immune system can cause hair loss. Hair fall can also be caused due to scalp infection caused by ringworm, or Trichotillomania which is a hair-pulling disorder.
  4. Regularly experimenting with hairstyles, treatments, and hair products: If a person changes his/her hairstyle now and then, color/bleach the hairs, and use a variety of products on the scalp without any reason and consultation, then the chances of hair fall increases. The more one experiment with the hairs the more are chances for hair thinning and weaker hair roots leading to patches on the scalp or baldness.
  5. Aging: This is a natural phenomenon, where a person’s hair tends to fall with his/her increasing age.
  6. Lifestyle choices: Everything we do and eat has a direct impact on our hair. If a person is not including a healthy and balanced diet or takes a poor protein diet the hair will not get much of nourishment, resulting in weaker hair roots. If a person is prone to smoking, drinking, and taking unnecessary supplements/medicines without any doctor’s prescription the chances are high that it will have a negative influence on the hair causing hair fall.
  7. Stress: Stress is the most common reason nowadays due to the exceeding work pressure at offices and family pressure at home. Stress affects our lifestyle which affects our hair.

How hair transplant can help in overcoming the issue of hair loss?

If a person is suffering from hair loss issues, then all he needs is an immediate hair fall treatment. There are many ways to stop hair falls such as medication, shampoos, hair oils, and hair transplants.

However, hair transplant has emerged as the best solution and can help a person to overcome this issue of hair thinning, patchy hair loss, or complete baldness effectively at a genuine cost. Before initiating a hair transplant doctor consult the patient and explains which procedure will be suitable for curing his hair fall problem, how many sessions will it require, and dos and don’ts?

A hair transplant has many methods like FUT, FUE, PRP, etc., which not only fill the scalp with hairs but prove to be a one-time investment because after getting a hair transplant this new hair looks natural and are forever.


It has been observed that there is not a single reason for hair fall, instead, there are multiple reasons which can lead to this issue and one must know his/her reason before adopting any kind of hair fall treatment. In India, many hair fall treatments are available in the market but ‘hair transplant’ is the best, permanent, affordable, and prompt process. There are many hair transplant clinics in Jaipur, hence before going for a hair transplant the person should do a background study by checking the clinic’s history, infrastructure, and success rate.

Hair transplant in Jaipur is very affordable as compared to other metro cities, but this doesn’t mean that the clinics here fail to provide a proper facility. Instead, it’s quite opposite that is, Jaipur has emerged as a world’s best hair transplant hub with expert surgeons and skilled staff. So if you are suffering from hair fall issues go for a hair transplant without any delay!

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