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TikTok Star Hareem Shah ends silence inside Foreign Office

TikTok Star Hareem Shah ends silence about her questionable TikTok recordings inside Foreign Office

TikTok Star Hareem Shah ends silence about her questionable TikTok recordings inside Foreign Office

Popular TikTok star Hareem Shah is grinding away once more. She seen inside a meeting room at the foreign ministry office in a video that has gone viral on the internet. As indicated by subtleties, Hareem Shah transferred a video on her TikTok account in which she can seen inside the committee room at the Foreign Office.

The FO has paid heed to the incident and authorities are investigating the issue about. How the TikTok star arrived at the sensitive region where top administration of the nation holds meetings with heads of different states.

Hareem, who has over a million fans on the online networking video application seen wandering around the high-security office and in any event. And sitting down in the seat utilized by the foreign minister. Punjabi and Hindi tunes were heard playing out of sight of Shah’s video.

Breaking silence

Ending silence on the video and the real purpose for visiting a top government office. Hareem Shah uncovered that she had gone to meet Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi. 

“I visited the office in order to meet FM Qureshi for a personal matter,”  Shah said in a meeting led after an investigation into the disputable video propelled. 

“I used to regularly visit the PM House during former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s tenure too,” she included. 

After her video turned into the anger, many internet users approached requesting a test to discover the person. Who allowed Shah access inside the ministry.

TikTok Star Hareem Shah ends silence about her questionable TikTok recordings inside Foreign Office

Tending to the reservation, Shah stated, “I had taken permission from the security personnel of a top government office.”

“Hence, no one barred me from entering and making a video inside the ministry,” she included further. 

Shah cited by nearby media on how she figured to get access: “Yes, I got into office after seeking permission. If it was against rules and regulations they should not have allowed me to make a video.”

She included, “I also went to National Assembly, I get a pass, get my entry there properly. No security has ever stopped me, I’ve never had any obstacle. No one has helped me, I got in on my own.”

In a past undated snap, the TikTok star seen presenting with the Pakistani Prime Minister. Which left individuals pondering about whether the two met previously or after the video went viral.

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TikTok star attested that a man was remaining in the room who helped her in making videos and taking pictures after inquiring. Hareem Shah said that she would have thought about it in the event that it was a wrongdoing. Or even only wrong to take pictures there. “My intentions were not wrong and I would not have done it if deemed inappropriate to me. I think it is not a big deal”, she added.

She proceeded to state that everybody observed by the CCTV when they head off to some place thus would the FO have done when I was there. “I casually made a video there and no authority said anything to me or even called me about it”.

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