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Thirty-two years ago, the era of Cale Gundy began in Oklahoma

The Cale Gundy era in Oklahoma lasted 32 years, 27 college football seasons, 353 games, and, innumerable rookies-chip. It started with l’ one of the Sooners the most announced local recruits ever: Gundy himself @-@e.Gundy; l’ receiver coach OU who left late on Sunday night; apparently a racist incident at the scene; a reunion of Gundy himself.

But Mike, who set many records as Cowboy at the Big Eight Conference, had previously (and strongly) considered himself a Sooner.

Cale Gundy in 1991 RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports With the Cowboys at the head of 14-7 at l’ approach of mi-time, Gundy was pulled off the bench to lead the Sooners two-minute offense. At the fourth-and-6 Gundy launched a bomb at the helm of Adrian Cooper, who jumped onto the d&apos line; as a clock has expired.

But when Gundy got off the bench in the second quarter-time against the Longhorns he never gave up. Gundy ended the rivalry of the Red River by finishing only 3-of-6 passes for 51 yards and designed a race of 51-yards in the last two minutes that set up a game-winning field try.

Gundy John E. Hoover / SI SoonersGundy was 10-13 for 119 yards, but the Sooners suffered their first defeat to the Cyclones since 1960; they fell from 33-31 in a bizarre defeat of Norman. Gundy to 8-14 passes for 169 yards, touchdown, and touchdown and had 14-d’ ahead of the Colorado champion in 1990 when he was wounded on the left.

With Gundy back in line @-@up, the Sooners won their last three games (55-10 in Missouri, 34-7 against Kansas State, 45-10 in a historic upheaval in Nebraska) and it was solid: 20-42 – 387 yards, two TDs, no combined INTs.Gundy, the overall figures in 1990 were modest — 54 – 109 yards, four TDs, three interceptions, but it was loaded back to the mountain; the top of the modern era; the b&pos of the modern era; the b&pos of the modern era.

He ended his career with 6,142 passes – a number that held at the top of the record; OR until Gundy returned as Bob Stoops, running backs coach in 1999 and helps Josh Heupel erase each of his old records.

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