'Seven, actually': Robert De Niro just had another baby

Robert De Niro is coming to have another baby

The father of Robert De Niro, who won two Academy Awards at the present time, is for the seventh time.La< unk> The Second Godfather; unk> and, unk> Meeting the parents; unk> star shared in a recent interview with whom he welcomed another child—a revelation he made when we asked him about six specific children.

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De Niro shared his parental advice with Blair.

You always want to do what’s right for children and give them the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes you can unk&gt, unk&gt, unk&gt, Raging Bull &lgt, unk&gt, unk&lgt, unk&gt, Goodfellas, unk&gt star has six children from past relationships and is already a great father several times over.

It is unclear with whom the star had his seventh child, but TMZ reported that his girlfriend was supposed to be pregnant in March.

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