Alan Rickman celebrated in Google Doodle marking 36th ...

In Google Doodle, Alan Rickman celebrated marking the 36th

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In 2016, Rickman died at l’ age 69 of pancreatic cancer.Artist Helene Leroux, who designed the Google Doodle, said for her, “Ak > d&apos privileges; honor < Rickman < akgt; a work and life; a smile &lgt; a smile &lgt; a picture &lgt; a picture &lgt; a picture &lbrows." Her entertaining performances at the-screen have undoubtedly left a unique and lasting imprint on British culture, and I am delighted that she continues to live thanks to my doodling today; o< unk> In October, Madly, Deeply: The newspapers d’ Rick Alanman were published posthumously, giving readers an intimate glimpse of her life and her career.

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