Cricket World Cup 2019 – An opinion about finals

Which team is going to win cricket world cup 2019? We are about to reach at finals, do checkout our opinion about the winners thriving for world cup trophy.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 - England and Wales
ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 – England and Wales

Quick history about cricket world cup winners

During 1975 & 1979 World Cups, West Indies were the favorites and won both editions.

During 1983 World Cup, India and Zimbabwe changed the game. Both defeated top participants West Indies and Australia respectively. India, who was in bottom three during previous two editions, won the World Cup.

During 1987 World Cup, Australia repeated what India had done in 1983. They won the World Cup after being in bottom three in previous two World Cups. West Indies, the previous superstars, ended up at 5th place in this edition.

During 1992 World Cup, more bizarre things happened. Newbie South Africa reached the semi-finals. Previous winner Australia and 1983 winner India ended up at 5th and 7th places respectively. Average performer of all previous editions, Pakistan, won the World Cup.

During 1996 World Cup, Sri Lanka won the World Cup, who were consistently 2nd from bottom in all previous editions. Previous winner Pakistan ended up at 6th place. England, who was always in top three in previous editions, ended up at 8th place.

During 1999 World Cup, winner of the previous edition, Sri Lanka, ended up in bottom three again, just above Scotland and Kenya. Consistent bottom winner of first 3 editions, Zimbabwe rose much above and ended up at 5th place, above India (6th), West Indies (7th) and England (8th). Australia won the world cup.

During 2003 World Cup, a lot of upset happened. Due to ploitical unrest at the time, England decided to abandon their match against Zimbabwe, which enabled the latter to reach super sixes. New Zealand abandoned their match against Kenya for security reasons, which enabled the latter to advance to semi-finals. Finalist of the previous edition, Pakistan, ended up at 10th place. Australia won the world cup for the 3rd time.

During 2007 World Cup, tournament favorites India and Pakistan didn’t advance to Super 8 and ended up at 9th and 10th places respectively. Bangladesh defeated India and Ireland defeated Pakistan to knock both teams out. Australia won the world cup for the 4th time.

During 2011 World Cup, Australia didn’t reach the finals (4 time finalist in previous 4 editions). They ended up at 5th place. India (who were at 9th place in previous edition) won the world cup.

During 2015 World Cup, India was a favorite again and reached the semi-finals. England’s performance worsened and they ended up at 10th place below Ireland. New Zealand reached the finals for the first time ever. Australia won the world cup for the 5th time.

What’s going to happen in 2019 World Cup?

Well, although there are always unexpected outcomes in sports, but here we are with a possible result for Cricket World Cup 2019.

1)England: Currently they are the favorites since the World Cup is being hosted in England and Wales. Also the team looks very settled with the likes of Joe Root, Eoin Morgan, Moeen Ali, Ben Stokes, etc. There are no weaknesses as of now.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 - England cricket team 2019
England cricket team 2019


2)India: If there is one team that can really give a tough fight to England then it is India.Currently India and England are the only two teams that can beat each other in matches.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 - India Cricket Team
India cricket team embracing their last won world cup

Weaknesses: Weak middle order. Team relies in excess on Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. Though they have got Ambati Rayudu as no. 4 batsman and KL Rahul, Pandya twins, Dhoni are also improving as much as possible. Bhuvi-Bumrah absence can affect them badly since their bowling strength tremedously decreases without Bhuvi and Bumrah. India will be in big trouble if Rohit-Dhawan-Kohli trio fall early. Out of form MS Dhoni isn’t helping matters too much.


3)New Zealand: So far they have been an excellent team with the likes of Colin Munro, Martin Guptill, Ish sodhi,etc. They can give a tough fight to all the other teams.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 - New Zealand cricket team celebrating a wicket against Bangladesh
New Zealand cricket team celebrating a wicket against Bangladesh

Weakness: Their only weakness will be the ability to play spin.


4)Australia: They look to be a pale shadow of what they were before. Smith and Warner’s absence is hurting them badly. Losing 5–0 to England and SA isn’t doing them any favors. Bowling will be their main strength at this point, until Smith and Warner pull off a huge miraculous comeback.

ICC Cricket World Cup - Australia cricket team celebrating victory
Australia cricket team celebrating victory


According to these calculations, England has the best chance to keep the 2019 cricket world cup trophy in its homeland. However, India can be the only one team giving a tough time to England and may fetch the trophy for themselves.

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