Manti Te'o: How Netflix's 'Untold' team reframed the girlfriend hoax ...

How Netflix’s “Untold” reframed the Manti Te’o girlfriend’s hoax

In high school, Te&apos was a star all around him adored by those who surrounded and on the way to Apos; a scholarship d’ complete studies for football in Apos; University of Notre Dame.

The story of Te and his fake girlfriend is well known, but the story of Tuiasosopo — who created the fictional girlfriend to reconcile with his own dysphoria of the genre — is less.

What made you decide to focus on the history of Manti Te’ o and Naya&apos in particular? When we learned that we&apos would be able to do more; Untolds” and we’ d; to have a volume two, c’ was a story that was on our whiteboard literal and proverbial d’ sports ideas.

I think there was a stack of background messages in her inbox over the years.I think we caught Manti at a really interesting time in his life.

And for us as filmmakers, it’s when we really knew, quote, we have something special here.

Naya had appeared in the radio program of Dr. Phil and had participated in shows on light media, but n’ had never really given his full version of l’ history.J’ had more and more questions about who the people were; catfishing…” how it happened, how it happened, how it happened; how this relationship between you two ?” (Naya) was very open, very vulnerable, she told her story, and what happened.

Just listening to her motivations for knowing why she decided to do this space, why create this profile online, DM and send a message to a football player like Manti Te ‘o, building a relationship, having phone calls — c’ was simply fascinating for us and I think it was the reason that we were so interested in talking to her.Manti Te’ o “I think it was just a fascinating thing for us, but I think it was the reason that we were so interested in talking to her about her and that we had a lot of sports, and that we had a lot of a lot of history.

This is really a story that we like to tell in the vein of making these sports documentaries.For the one-here, this kind of big catfish scandal-from 2013, it just seemed ripe.

I know these things can be sensitive to a lot of people sometimes.

I think that if the documentary started today, given where Naya &apos, we would probably be at a different point, but at that point-there Naya was totally identifying as that.Brian and Ottilia Te ‘o, Manti’ s parents, in” Untold. “There was something that surprised you all about the research and the process of reporting?

Of course they were the ones who received the anonymous tip and were the first to break the story and publish success, but behind-the-scenes about how they work as journalists from apos; investigation was just very fascinating to learn about.I think it all starts and starts; stop where you get your main storytellers and then you start thinking about who else might have interesting voices.

Is-what it is; is a theme that you all thought when putting together these episodes? I think it was just something that seemed authentic and important in the way they talked about it.

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