How Draymond Green's suspension ... might've saved Warriors ...

How Green Draymond Suspension could save Warriors

When Draymond Green arrived at the Chase Center on Thursday night, he knew what had to be done.

And that great, the chronically beloved Kevon Looney, had been great (20 rebounds, nine assists and four points) the replacement.Green returned to l’ arena while his teammates were still in the dressing room d’ after-match.

Green said he didn’t deserve this.

Because it all started on the back of d’ a guy who was an All-Star who said, “All right, here’ c’ is what you have to do; Green was in his third season at the apos; time and always trying to get into the NBA.”

This is like a 16-game thing.

Giving up that starting place was not something Green or Kerr would do lightly.

It is impossible to separate the choice of Green from Sunday’s game and the chaos into which his suspension had plunged the team before the third match.

What is not so rare for them during this dynastic race.

It is too soon to say how long this adjustment will last.

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