“Dangerous misogynists” Andrew Tate started on Instagram

“Dangerous misogynists” Andrew Tate started on Instagram
'Dangerous misogynist' Andrew Tate booted from Instagram and ...

Andrew Tate was banned from Meta Instagram and Facebook.L’ former kickboxer and TV star-reality was removed for violating policies Meta < unk > dangerous organizations and individuals; unk > the company confirmed by @-@mail.Tate s’ d’ initially elevated to prominence after appearing on the Big Brother TV show in 2016 when he was removed from the series after a series of video; d&apos, which he had been called to an external social media platform; he had been promoted to an outside social platform.

Tate describes himself as being absolutely misogynistic on a YouTube video.

Tate was a staunch supporter of the former president Donald Trump and appeared on a number of right-wing podcasts, including shows such as Infowars, hosted by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

The British advocacy group Hope Not Hate called Tate a dangerous misogyny, unk &gt, and called on other social media companies to deplore it. and unk > Misogyny is a hate ideology that is napos; is not tolerated on TikTok, < a spokesman for TikTok said.

History has been corrected to reflect this.

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