How to spend your free time during Coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown: How to spend your free time

Coronavirus lockdown has out the whole world at a stage of almost no activities. Today, Coronavirus has become a serious cause of worldwide dread and concern. Be that as it may, we can avoid the hazardous infection from influencing us and our friends and family. In any case, how? Just by gaining from the mistakes of different nations, being conscious and taking preventive measures.

“Prevention is better than cure” 

If the school is shut and you need to remain at home, enjoy the spare time you have available to you and do the things you like. Numerous individuals are discovering coronavirus lockdown agreeable. If you are not one among them, you need to take part in something to make this time at home gainful as opposed to exhausting or disappointing. There are a lot of approaches to remain consistent with your sparing standards and still make some great memories. In this way, if you have been thinking that it’s hard to remain inert without going anywhere or without taking any kind of action fun, here are a few things you can do to spend time at home.

Play games

Play games

You can Play games with your whole family, for example, charades, hide and seek, Jenga, board games and various others. 


Spend your leisure time on reading books, such as comic books or graphic novels, action or adventure, classics, fantasy, historical fiction, horror, detective and mystery.


It is likely the best time you can enjoy practicing and guaranteeing that you stay sound and fit. You can either begin another type of exercise or proceed with your old one.


Work through your issues by journaling or leave something critical for your relatives by composing your diaries. In case you’re not yet prepared to write your life down, try writing about another person’s life rather, or write on a reason or occasion that you believe is significant. 


If you need to encounter mental and physical harmony, put on some music and give meditation a try. Meditation will help you with increased energy and reduce stress, upgrade the immune system, and advantage from numerous points of view. 



Sewing is a brilliantly inventive outlet and the ideal method to design a custom closet for a small amount of what you’d spend paying off the racks. In addition, if you get great at working with designs, you can begin taking a shot at your own plans.

Watch films during Coronavirus lockdown

This is the inert time you can enjoy watching old or new motion pictures that you have never seen. Pick a couple of good Hollywood or Bollywood films, snatch some popcorn and call your family to participate in this activity. 


This is the best option to spend your time on cooking new items for your family. You may need to buy certain flavors and staples, but it’s not very difficult to keep the kitchen well-stocked. And this is less expensive than eating out. 

Consider your future 

During the coronavirus lockdown, you will persuade abundant time to be separated from everyone else. Award yourself a bit of ‘Personal time’ and consider your future objectives, physical and emotional wellness, vocation aspirations, and other things. 

Play A game of cards 

Playing a game of cards is an enjoyable and simple approach to unwind and loosen up, and it’s likewise an extraordinary choice when the Internet goes down and you choose to give your time to your family.



Being among plants and trees gives us a liberating sensation. Planting new seeds, controlling weeds, including some nursery art, and others are a couple of cultivating exercises you can take part in. 

Blogging during Coronavirus lockdown

After you’ve mastered a portion of these different leisure activities, compose a blog about it. Blogging about your leisure activities and interests permits you to keep improving those composing skills and associate with other people who share your inclinations. 

Jewelry Making 

There are actually several sites where you can get thoughts and motivation. What’s more, if you find that you’re particularly acceptable at jewelry making, you can sell your stuff on Etsy for additional money.

New design looks 

If you are exhausted with your closet and repeating a similar look sometimes, but you can transform it. Try to blend and match them with different garments and accessories that are totally new to you. In the end, you will gain another look and style just as you use your closet in an effective way. 


Coding - Coronavirus lockdown

Not every person invites translating code, however, for those that do, there are a lot of free resources to keep you occupied. 

Clean and arrange 

If in the past few months you did not clean and arrange your house or some other region of your home, right now is an ideal opportunity. Pick a particular day when you along with your family can clean and organize your home. 


We as a whole have an alternate view of life and its happenings. You can use time during coronavirus lockdown to reveal your family member’s different knowledge or point of view or life lessons to learn more about them. Regardless, remaining at home is likely the best safeguard you can set aside at the current effort to prevent COVID-19 from making you and your family its victim.


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