Constipated Before Periods - Causes and Treatment

Constipated Before Periods: Causes and Treatment

Constipated before periods? Numerous ladies have gentle, reasonable stomach related trouble identified with their menstrual cycle. The hormone that is to be faulted for constipation in ladies before periods is progesterone. Before the beginning of menstruation, there is a spike in the progesterone levels. In spite of the fact that this is essential for periods, it can influence your digestive system by postponing the time it takes to move food through the bowels. For other people, it’s severe. Despite your side effects, there are steps you can take to manage them or perhaps keep away from them altogether.


Causes of constipation before periods

diarrhea - causes of constipation before periods
diarrhea – causes of constipation before periods

It’s not unexpected to see digestive changes during the initial couple of days of your period. You may have more gas, need to go to the washroom more, or even have diarrhea. What you’re encountering when this happens is a one, two punch from progesterone and prostaglandins. Directly after ovulation (around 12-14 days before your period for most ladies), your progesterone level quickly rises. Progesterone is a muscle relaxant. It’s even given to pregnant ladies to postpone labor and preterm birth because its loosening up impacts are strong enough to neutralize uterine contractions. This loosening up impact is additionally somewhat constipating. 

Stool travels through the bowel by means of peristalsis, the procedure of the muscles covering the bowel contracting and relaxing to make a rippling, wave-like movement to move things however the digestive organs. Progesterone can quiet this impact. You may even notice that you become slightly constipated after ovulation. Just before you get your period, your progesterone levels fall quickly, and it can feel like the levee breaking: the hormone answerable for backing everything off is all of a sudden missing. But progesterone isn’t the entire story. Prostaglandins are additionally liable for relaxing things up during your period.

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Treatment for constipation before periods

fiber diet - treatment for constipation before periods
fiber diet – treatment for constipation before periods

The principal line of safeguard for these issues is a solid eating routine. Expanding your fiber intake is your best weapon against constipation. This should be possible through standard meals that incorporate entire wheat bread, high fiber cereals, and an arrangement of fruits and vegetables.

  • Exercise
  • Avoid foods rich in fat and sugar. 
  • Regular fluid intake is also important, especially water.
  • Keep your diet clean.
  • Try medication if you like
  • Consider oral contraceptives

How to reduce gas and diarrhea during your period:

  • Prostaglandins are pro-inflammatory, so anti inflammatories can help counteract their effect. Curcumin, a powerful ingredient in turmeric, is anti-inflammatory. Try some turmeric honey tea.
  • Increase your intake of omega 3 fatty acids. If sardine sandwiches aren’t your thing, you can take a cod liver oil supplement.
  • Eat foods with high levels of resveratrol: think red grapes, blueberries, and cranberries.

How to reduce pre menstrual constipation:

  1. Magnesium. Taking 400 – 800mg magnesium per day can help with constipation. Magnesium glycinate is the most easily absorbed form, and is less likely to cause diarrhea.
  2. Patience. By the time your period comes around, the drop in progesterone should help things get moving again.


Changes in your bowel movements, for example, diarrhea, constipation of the bowels, and bloating can be signed in Flo, so you can discover the connection between these symptoms and any seven day stretch of your menstrual cycle. It’s regular to experience gentle side effects of PMS in the days leading up  to your period. If nothing helps you experience the ill effects of constipation or irregular bowel movements, look for professional help to exclude any extreme issue.

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