Beauty and the Beast- characters, story

Beauty and the Beast: Characters and story

The story of Beauty and the Beast, adored by such a large number of people, has been told the world over. The first story of Beauty and the Beast was compose by Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve. It was more than one-hundred pages in length and included an ‘idiotic’ Beast. Who experienced something other than his difference in appearance. In this unique novella length story, the back-story of both Belle and the Beast given. The Beast was a young prince who lost his dad. And whose mother needed to take up arms to shield his kingdom. The queen left him in consideration of an evil fairy, who attempted to seduce him when he turned into a grown up. When he refused, she changed him into a beast.


characters beauty and the beast
  • Belle: The main female heroine
  • Beast: a cold hearted, selfish, unkind prince who is transform into a beast 
  • Gaston: an arrogant hunter
  • Maurice: Belle’s father.
  • Lumière: Beast’s kind hearted but rebellious waiter.  Because of the curse placed by the Enchantress, he was transform into a candelabra.
  • Cogsworth: Beast’s tightly wound and extremely loyal. transformed into a pendulum clock
  • Mrs. Potts: castle’s head of the kitchen, transformed into a teapot.
  • Chip Potts: son of Mrs. Potts, transformed into a teacup
  • Featherduster: maid of the castle, transformed into a feather duster
  • Sultan: castle dog who was turn into a footstool 
  • The Wardrobe: opera singer, turned into a wardrobe.
  • Le Fou: local villager, who is Gaston’s bumbling-but-loyal sidekick
  • Monsieur D’Arque: owner of the local madhouse
character in beauty and the beast
character in beauty and the beast
  • The Triplets:  trio beautiful blonde women who fawn over Gaston, Claudette, Laurette, Paulette
  • The Baker: The Baker is the head of a bakery in the village that Belle lived in.
  • The Bookseller: The Bookseller is the owner of a small bookstore/library in the village that Belle lived in.
  • The Enchantress: who curses Prince Adam as the Beast.  she is responsible for the events in the story
  • Phillipe: Belgian horse owned by Belle and Maurice.
  • Chef Bouche: Beast’s head chef who was transform into a stove.
  • Coat Rack: unnamed servant of the Beast who was turn into a coat rack
  • Palanquin: unidentified servant transformed into a palanquin 
  • Webster: Webster is the castle’s scribe who was transform into a dictionary

About beauty and the beast

about the story beauty and the beast

Investigate this enchanting story’s history to uncover its starting points. In the 1740 portrayal of the story, Beauty has five siblings, three brothers and two sisters, and every one of them are offspring of a wealthy widowed merchant. Beauty is the youngest of every one of the six. For what it’s worth in later adjustments of the story, her character is charming and attractive. She is the humble one, pure at heart, excellent and well-read. Her sisters are additionally delightful, but they are evil, ruined and would do anything to simply abuse and hurt Beauty. 

Loses all wealth

Things get ugly among the family when the father loses all wealth. His fleet of exchange vessels lost to a storm and the family lives in poverty for the following quite a long while. However, at some point, trusts are up as word shows up that there is as yet one ship from the lost fleet that survived. Its cargo has been saved as well. The father, certain that he will recapture some cash, gets ready to proceed to gain the load. 

When he checks with his children and little girls whether they need anything as a blessing, just Beauty stays humble. She doesn’t need any fine or costly things like her siblings. All she needs is a rose, a blossom said to develop somewhere else however not where they live.

beauty and the beast

The delight that in any event one ship has returned would vanish very soon, be that as it may. The load seized as the family covered with debts. In transit back home, the father, disappointed and trapped in a storm. He figures out how to discover refuge in a strange spot, a castle where the host doesn’t present himself, but where he given assistance and accommodation. 

As the father leaves the property the next day, he sees an amazing rose nursery in the yard, and he takes one blossom for Beauty. Which is the point at which the repulsive owner of the property shows up: the Beast, angry in light of the fact that the visitor he helped so well the earlier night presently broke the code of hospitality. To be specific, the unfortunate father had picked the most appealing rose of all, simultaneously the most-prized ware found at the Beast’s property.

Beauty live with the Beast

What occurs next is that the father should be punish, however he gets his opportunities as he organizes one of the little girls to proceed to live with the Beast. It is Beauty who gets pick to live with the Beast until the end of times. For certain critics, it is this particular scene that says a lot about how ladies were set up for arranged marriage in those days. 

Beauty in reality goes to the castle. There, she dealt with pretty much like a princess. While it is a story with an apparently happy closure, there are a couple of obstacles until the reader arrives. To start with, toward the finish of every day, the Beast constantly proposes marriage, to which the Beauty stays tireless with her negative answer. However, every night, Beauty additionally dreams of the ideal man, the love for her life. Little does she understand, there is a prince effectively near her.

beauty and the beast story
beauty and the beast story

Beast express his feelings

All the while, the Beast is likewise faced with difficulties all alone. Apparently, he is yet to figure out how to genuinely express his feelings and desires, on the off chance that he needs to develop into the individual worth Beauty’s adoration. He is likewise referred to as “bête” in the story, a French word that conveys the importance of “monster,” just as “being unintelligent.” 

In a perfection of the story, one day Beauty consults with the Beast to visit her family. The Beast supports the thought just on the off chance that she is to return to the royal residence for a specific day, and that she takes two enchanted things. The first is a mirror that can show what’s going on at the castle at any minute. The second, the ring, which has the ability to move Beauty back to the Beast. 

Beauty regret her choice

On the first day of her lengthy visit, Beauty is to almost regret her choice. As she takes the mirror to check what is happening at the royal residence, seeing Beast’s body, lying in the nursery extremely near where Beauty’s father had at first picked a rose, prompts the Beauty to utilize the ring. It is at this time of get together that Beast at long last recaptures his human personality, “the prince of dreams,” and as you definitely know, the pair for sure lived happily, ever after. 

At first, she is born from a monarch(king) and fairy, and she suffers in light of the fact that she is the offspring of an illegal relationship. A young prince, the main male hero, is the victim of dark enchantment. He transformed into a beast, and he is to recapture his human shape just once he weds someone who remains unaware of his past and genuine human nature.

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Beauty’s story uncovers that she isn’t generally a merchant’s little girl but the child of a king and a decent fairy. The evil fairy had attempted to kill Belle, so she could wed her dad the king, and Belle placed in the spot of a merchant’s dead little girl to secure her. It is thought by certain researchers that Beauty and the Beast story may have a longer history.

The most recent film form of the story, featuring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, a film industry success of 2017, is only the most recent of various adjustments. We figured you may think that it is interesting to know how the first storyline went.

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