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Atlanta, which killed 1 and wounded 4, is now at the scene of the shooting

Suspect in Atlanta shooting, which killed 1 and injured 4, is now in ...

Suspect in Atlanta shooting, which killed 1 and injured 4, is now in ...

Suspect shot in Atlanta, who killed 1 and wounded 4 is now in custody Enlarge this image to the legend Jeff Amy / AP Jeff Amy / APAfter an hour @-long man, authorities apprehended the suspected gunman of Wednesday after-noon of the shooting in a medical building d’ Atlanta, according to the Cobb County Police Department.The alleged gunman, Deion Patterson, 24 was arrested in the county of Cobb, north of the city of L’ shortly before 20h.

Robert Jansen, chief of staff of the hospital, who informed the media on Wednesday.

The events of the day took place around noon local time, when police received calls about apoes; a shooting in the medical center; a waiting room; waiting.Large this image by tilting to the police department of Apos; Atlanta Patterson ‘his mother was with him in Atapos; time, but n’ was not l’ injured people, declared the police department of Apos; Atapos earlier; Atos.

Police were able to track the truck to Cobb County, where several law enforcement agencies from the Apos region, Atlanta and federal agencies participated in the investigation and the apos; baseball team from the Braves d’ Atlanta, where they arrested Patterson.Several d’ law enforcement agencies from the D&apos region; Atlanta, as well as federal agencies, participated in the investigation and the hunting expedition; several organizations from Napos.

Officials have been very attentive to many additional details on the case, as the investigation is ongoing and a criminal case is ongoing, officers from Atlanta and Cobb County said.Schierbaum said that the suspect had minimal contact with the police department before the shooting.A a witness remembers the scene after the shooting Extended this image of waiting for them Lisa Hagen / NPR Hagen / NPRJ Johnson said that he was in the north wing of the building.

We didn’t know that at that time-there was a shooting.

Johnson said that everyone remained calm and that the medical staff at the office had let people into a secure room while they were waiting for police to escort them out.The medical staff said that they were making it worse by making it look like they were evacuating our health, saying that Johnson was able to help a mobility-impeded patient down nine stairs to security once he and others had evacuated Northside.

Senator Raphael Warnock said that his children were locked up because of the Zooming this picture under-rocking title John Bazemore / AP John Bazemore / APSen.

He made a similar speech in March 2021 shortly after that; an armed man attacked the spas d’apos; Atlanta @ – @, killing eight people, including six d’ Asian origin.There have already been 190 shootings in the U.S. since the beginning of the year, according to the Archives of Armed Violence.

This is not normal.

A preacher, Warnock, said that prayers aren’t enough.

This is a developing story and will be updated as we pass through to action.

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