ashley wagner says she was assaulted by fellow skater john coughlin

Ashley Wagner says she was assaulted by Coughlin

ashley wagner assaulted by john coughlin
Ashley Wagner assaulted by John Coughlin

Colorado in June 2008, Wagner said that she was in Colorado Springs, going to a figure skating camp, and she went to a gathering with companions at a house. She composed that it was her first time at a gathering and the first occasion when she tried alcohol. Afterward, she stated, nobody had the option to drive her back to the inn where she was staying, so she and other girls went through the night. “It had a sense of security, Wagner said. “My companions were there. I offered a bed and didn’t think twice over taking it, and soon long floated off to rest.” she wrote that former American skater John Coughlin climbed into bed with her when she was asleep, then kissed and groped her without her permission.

Ashley claims

ashley wagner assaulted by john coughlin
Ashley Wagner assaulted by John Coughlin

“It was the middle of the night when I felt him crawl into my bed, I had been sleeping and didn’t move because I didn’t understand what it meant. I thought he just wanted a place to sleep. But then he started kissing my neck. I pretended to be deep asleep, hoping he would stop. He didn’t. When his hands started to wander, when he started touching me, groping my body, I tried to shift around so that he would think I was waking up and would stop. He didn’t.”

“When he continued to wander further over my body, I started to scared because he was so much bigger than I was, and I didn’t know if I could push him off,” she wrote.

Wagner started to cry, opened her eyes and pulled Coughlin’s hand away, telling him to stop, she wrote.

“He looked at me for a few seconds, quietly got up and left the room. All of this happened about five minutes. That is such a small amount of time, but it’s haunted me ever since,” she wrote.

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