Actress Anne Heche is in a coma after crashing car into home, rep ...

Anne Heche is in a coma after hitting her house in a car

Commenting on this story Don Article The ShareActress Anne Heche has fallen into a coma and remains in an extremely critical state, one day after she hit her car in a Los Angeles house, causing their conflagration, a representative told the media on Monday.

A car crashed into a house in the Mar Vista neighborhood, causing an intense fire, said the Los Angeles Fire Department.

“Once blood was obtained on the day of the shooting, there was a warrant for the actress,” said Eisenman.

Richard Glass, owner of the salon, told the Los Angeles Times that she was in a good mood and that she was in no condition to drink.

CBSLA and TMZ, shows Heche < unk > Blue Mini Cooper accelerating through Mar Vista just before s’ crashing into the house, according to the points of sale.David Manpearl, a neighbour of the destroyed house, told the Times that he was at his office on Friday morning when he saw a car speeding through his window.

It couldn’t move because the ceiling was collapsed, so there was all kinds of debris everywhere, unk > Manpearl said, adding that he helped the house; he helped the house; he was busy getting security — and he tried to help Heche.

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