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Advantages and disadvantages of Technology

Advantages and disadvantages of Technology

Advantages and disadvantages of Technology

Technology is great because it simplifies the manner in which we get things done in our daily lives. But there are advantages and disadvantages of technology. In any case, if the technology is wrongly applied, it very well may be hurtful from various perspectives. It is created by humans, so we can utilize it to achieve pretty much every task, it makes the impossible look possible. We know about how technology is good and as well as terrible for us. And we’ll examine some of that in the following discussion, however it is stupid to only highlight the negatives when there are very of positives.


Advantages of Technology

Technology plays a vital role in essentially every impact of our lives, regardless of whether we’re aware of it or not. Thus these are only a couple of the manners in which technology may positively influence our physical and psychological wellness. Although it has many positive benefits and play an important role in education, health, and general welfare. Indeed technology is a body of information committed extracting of materials, creating tools and the processing actions. Similarly the term ‘Technology” is wide, and everybody has their method for understanding its importance. Therefore it is well known that there are advantages and disadvantages of technology. Advantages of Technology are:

Increases production

Furthermore technology enables organizations to computerize most tasks and this procedure brings about expanded creation and effectiveness. Surely business can automate undertakings in the accounting department. Hence bakeries can mechanize the temperature room by utilizing temperature sensors

It improves on data storage

Data storage

It is basic to keep business data secure. Similarly the utilization of databases and remote storage helps in keeping business data. Therefore information secure and available from anyplace

Devices That Monitor Health

The development of wearable technology has been especially positive in the world of medicine and health. Both for patients and social insurance suppliers. This has been particularly observable in the expanded nature of consideration most suppliers can offer their patients.

Technology Helps small business gain competitive advantage 

If business technology is all around executed, it can enable an independent business to pick up position in a focused market. Obviously sometimes small business use technology to scale out. Furthermore it increase a good position in the market like making new items. And administrations custom-made basing on clients wants and needs.

Saves time

Since the majority of the exercises in the business are mechanized, time is spared during the procedure. Computers can be utilized to perform diafferent business assignments, for instance. A computer can be utilized to record information, it tends to be utilized in video conferencing and significantly more. 

Remote Access to Healthcare

Research shows that in excess of 70 percent of human services suppliers are currently utilizing tele health. Surely telemedicine solutions for interface with patients remotely and give important consideration.

Applications That Promote Productivity

The role of technology and individual wellbeing reaches out a long ways past medicinal services facilities, however. A large number of individuals experience the positive outcomes of efficiency. And brain-boosting applications regularly.

It improves sharing of data

Numerous organizations utilize internal networks to encourage the progression of data inside the association. This inner system can help in the exchange of data among various divisions at work. Likewise, representatives can share various advances like printers, fax machines and internet by means of an internal network.

Disadvantages of Technology

As much as technology is a part of our lives. There are advantages and disadvantages of technology. Similarly it can have some negative impacts. Realizing the conceivable negative impacts can enable you to find a way to recognize. And limit them with the goal that you can even now appreciate the positive parts of technology. There are absolutely a few cons as well. How about we look at some negative impacts that can’t be overlooked.

Hearing Loss

Investigate whenever you’re on the metro, snatching a cup of coffee at the nearby Starbucks, or running on a treadmill at the exercise center. A large number of the individuals around you will have earphones in. Listening to music with headphones for over five minutes out of each day at high volume puts individuals at an expand risk for lasting hearing loss.

It’s costly

Meanwhile technology includes some major disadvantages, few out of every small business can figure out how to utilize technology. After purchasing and incorporating technology in business. You should pay another expense of keeping up that technology, monthly maintenance is prescribed and this can be costly.

Poor Posture

Not exclusively do computers and gadgets empower sedentary behavior among clients. But they likewise much of the time lead to poor Posture, neck strain, and back issues.

Not Safe

Technology isn’t protected, it is extremely simple to lose business information through internet technology. Hackers can without much of a stretch access your remote database. Therefore they utilize your business information for their very own needs.

Absence of Relationship Building

Absence of Relationship Building – Disadvantages of Technology

Technology has decreased the measure of eye to eye interaction or the quantity of real phone conversations that individuals have. It is a lot simpler to send a quick text instead of call. Despite the fact that this productivity is an advantage, but the value of talk getting lost.


Numerous individuals find that overexposure to devices leads to the indications of “Computer Vision Syndrome”. Which is characterized as the complex of issues related with unreasonable screen time. Because it is including eyestrain, blurred vision, migraines and dry eyes.

Social/Workplace Disconnection

Over reliance on technology has killed working environment connections, employees. Obviously business directors communicate through email, telephones, text messages. And video meetings, this executes face to face communication.


Indeed technology is a body of information committed extracting materials, creating tools and the processing actions. In fact the term ‘Technology” is wide, and everybody has their method for understanding its importance. Like it or not, the utilization of innovation is established in our own lives. Surely from the minute we wake up until the minute we head to sleep. We have many associations with different tools, devices and software programs. But there are advantages and disadvantages of technology.

Furthermore the part of learning that manages the creation and utilization of specialized methods. Therefore their interrelation with life, environment and society, drawing upon such subjects as engineering, industrial arts, applied science and pure science.

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